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  • Project Manager
  • Chemistry or Biology
  • 国内
  • 2021-10-26
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Key Responsibilities

1. Accountable for planning, tracking, and execution of projects in discovery portfolio from LO to IND

2. Work closely with project team leaders to define, plan, schedule project activities, and determine milestone criteria and timeline

3. Regularly update project progresses in the portfolio to senior leaders to align and to ensure successful delivery of pipeline objectives

4. Collaborate with project leaders to drive timely execution of project plans and coordinate resources and support across all functions

5. Track and control project progression to meet the timeline and achieve project milestones

6. Lead team members to identify project critical path and prioritize project activities accordingly

7. Help project leaders identify potential resource constraints, risks, and issues that might have timeline implications, and develop mitigation strategies

8. Schedule project team meetings and help project leaders to develop agenda and lead effective discussion and decision-making

9. Prepare meeting minutes and manage project documentation


1. Master’s degree or higher in chemistry or biology

2. >3 years of hands-on experience in pharmaceutical drug R&D

3. Good understanding of the multidisciplinary drug discovery processes

4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to influence others

5. Highly organized, results-oriented, proactive, firm, and attention to detail

6. Ability to manage several streams of work and handle pressures

  • Vice President of Cancer Biology and Translational Research
  • Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology, or a related biology
  • 国内
  • 2021-10-26
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Key Responsibilities:

1. Further strengthen, optimize, and develop Cancer Biology and Translational Research organization into a premier science-driven innovation engine for new drugs that are differentiated clinically and bring significant values to patients

2. Develop young scientists, supervise their drug discovery efforts, and manage their performance

3. Play a key leadership role in the operation and management of Translational Research Institute and in developing and managing academic collaborations and partnerships to fuel novel drug discovery efforts and to sustain pipeline growth

4. Have the accountability for new target identification and validation and generation of robust data package to support portfolio entry of all new drug discovery projects and help set strategic direction

5. Accountable for developing discovery biology and pipeline strategy and for driving the alignment with overarching corporate strategy and business objectives

6. Serve as a member of senior leadership team in governance committees, contribute to overall R&D strategy and execution, and drive timely data-driven decision-making

7. Collaborate closely across functions to achieve pipeline and business objectives on time and on cost

8. Responsible for both internal and external drug discovery efforts and acceleration of pipeline progression by effective execution, and clinical development with defined biomarker and combination strategy

9. Identify, evaluate, and incorporate new technologies into drug discovery processes to improve productivity or to enable new discovery efforts

10. Seek and evaluate early clinical stage assets for in-licensing opportunities to complement or to fill pipeline gaps


1. PhD in biology, biochemistry, immunology, or a related biology field with productive postdoctoral experiences in cancer biology-related research

2. Deep and broad knowledge and expertise in cancer biology and translational research, including molecular biology and genetics, disease models, biomarkers, genomics, target identification and validation, etc. as related to cancer drug discovery and treatment

3. A strong publication record in scientific research and drug discovery and an active member of the scientific community

4. >10 years of experiences in cancer drug discovery efforts in multi-national and/or biotech companies

5. Demonstrated leadership in driving successful drug discovery efforts and portfolio management

6. Leadership experiences in organization building, people management, budget management, and strategy planning

7. Experiences in developing partnership and managing external collaborations

8. Ability to collaborate cross-functionally in developing business strategy, executing shared responsibilities and achieving business objectives

9. Strong business acumen and creativity in complex problem solving

10. Strong communication skills in English and preferably, also in Chinese

11. Willingness and ability to travel internationally as required and dictated by arising business needs

  • 行业研究人员 /实习生
  • 学药学、生物学 、药物化学
  • 国内
  • 行业研究人员 1-2名;实习生若干​
  • 2021-10-25
  • >







2.国内外知名大学药学、生物学 、药物化学背景,硕士以上学历;




  • 投资经理助理/实习生
  • 生物医学、药学、金融
  • 国内
  • 若干
  • 2021-10-25
  • >





1. 国内知名大学生物医学、药学、金融等本科以上学历;


3.2年及以上医药BD, PE、VC、投行工作经验者优先;


5.有CPA CFA优先。



  • CMC(Director)
  • 药物化学,有机化学
  • 国内/美国
  • 若干
  • 2021-07-01
  • >


• 负责所有从临床前开发到临床所涉及的CMC相关工作,包括化学合成工艺路线研发,工业生产,制剂研究和生产

• 制定和实施开发健全的,可放大的,经济有效的API和DP生产路线策略,保证药品的及时供应,用于支持临床试验;能够识别在CMC研发周期和交付物中存在的潜在风险,并实施有效的风险缓解策略。

• 制定、维护和实施公司内部 CMC 特定的 SOP、流程和标准,包括 CMC 特定供应商的监督指导,支持企业质量保证 (QA) 和质量管理体系 (QMS),确保 CMC 符合 GMP 和 GCP 标准。

• 负责CDMO的识别,选择和管理,确保所有CDMO的系统和流程均符合相关监管标准。

• 与项目团队一起制定临床前和临床项目的API和DP需求以及相关预算

• 撰写、审查或修改与供应链相关的所有 CDMO 文件和其他文件,以支持临床研究。

• 撰写和审阅IND 申报/提交监管部门的文件;以CMC专家身份代表公司与监管部门沟通

• 如有必要,监督和管理CMC 监管战略、生物制药制造工艺、质量控制和合规等相关领域的外部专家顾问。


• 药物化学,有机化学或相关学科的博士或硕士,10年及以上CMC/cGMP制药相关的经验

• 有意向在具有广泛责任和机会的小型生物技术公司工作

• 具有丰富的cGMP API和DP生产相关的CRO / CMO管理经验

• 具有丰富的临床前和临床开发项目经验

• 深刻理解中美药品双报的监管政策和要求,并具有IND,CTA和/或NDA申报经验

• 能够识别和解决实施技术,战略和运营计划中的关键问题

• 优秀的中英文书面和口头交流能力

  • 计算化学科学家
  • 计算化学,计算生物学
  • 国内
  • 若干
  • 2021-07-01
  • >


PhD. in computational chemistry, or chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics with a computational focus.

Required Experiences and Skills:

1.Creatively apply computational approaches to problem solving to advance drug discovery programs.

2.Experience in general molecular modeling techniques with software packages (MOE, OpenEye or Schrodinger), including docking, homology modeling, ligand-based and structure-based design, quantum mechanics, QSAR / machine learning, and molecular simulation.

3.Scientific programming (e.g. Python, Pipeline Pilot) is preferred.

4.Excellent oral and written communication skills.

5.Track record of publications and presentations.